EuroPub League Berlin

Introduction and Thank you Teams Schedule Adresses

YEAH YEAH YEAH The EuroPub League continues!

As they say in Berlin „Icke Kicke“ we are playing a tournament with international participants again this year. The EuroPub League has been an annual tournament since 2010, with the exception of the shitty Corona year 2020, we have already been able to play 11 times in Vienna, Rome, Manneihm, Tipperary, Gent and Stockholm. In 2021 the tournament took place in Vienna for the third time and the current defending champion also comes from Vienna with „Dynamo Donau“. In the early years, the tournament was played 11 against 11, but we’ve been playing small-sided for a few years now.

The EuroPub League tournament was mostly organized by the home team, but since we have already been to all our cities and like to travel, this tournament was organized by Sven Radisch and Bernd Herger from Vienna. But we would like to thank our friends and their teams from Berlin:

  • Dennis Buchner, first president of the Berlin House of Representatives
  • Dirk Liebe, Member of the Berlin House of Representatives and sports policy spokesman
  • Kevin Hönicke, deputy district mayor of Lichtenberg
  • Nico Dorr, 1st deputy head of department football FC Lichtenberg 47

EuroPub League Teams

  1. Dynamo Donau Vienna – Austria / Inter Almenhof Mannheim – Germany
  2. Clodiagh Rangers – Ireland
  3. Spartak Gent – Belgium
  4. Scholars Lounge Rome – Italy
  5. Lichtenberg 47 – Germany

Schedule per 01.06.2022

Thursday 16th June

During the day
Arrival of some Teams

Meeting at Restaurant Epiros – vis a vis of the Hotel, if you want to join contact Bernd

Friday 17th June

During the day
Enjoy Berlin

Meeting for Historical Boattrip – self organized – please Book here
Am Weidendamm/Friedrichstraße, 10117 Berlin, Deutschland

Start of Boattrip – Historical Berlin

Meeting for Sightseeing Tour – Tour with guide
Anleger Am Weidendamm/Friedrichstraße, 10117 Berlin, Deutschland

End of Tour, somewhere central, time for some beers in city center, walk to Restaurant

Berliner Republik, Hauptstadtkneipe Schiffbauerdamm 8, 10117 Berlin
Link to Restaurant

Reservation on „Bernd Herger / EPL“. You can order a 3 Course Menu in advance (asparagus salad with wild herds and shrimp tossed in butter / Berlin curry sausage with green curry sauce, sweet potato fries / Lime sherbet & strawberry confit) for 21,90 or you can eat a la carte. Menu will be prepared on arrival, if you prefer a la carte expect to wait longer for you food.

Saturday 18th June

Cloakrooms open

First Games

around 15:00

Presentation Ceremony and some Beers at the pitch

Dinner at Epirus Greek Restaurant
Restaurant Epiros – vis a vis of the Hotel,
Ruschestraße 64, 10365 Berlin

Club „Der weiße Hase“ („The white rabbit“)
we need to come together, so stay with the group if you want to join and get the very reduced entry fee

The „White Hase“ club is celebrating its 7th anniversary this weekend. So it’s going to be a full house and a wild party for sure. Berlin is considered the capital of techno, so let’s go to a techno club 🙂


Suggested Hotel

Good Morning+ Berlin City East
Ruschestraße 45 • 10367 Berlin
Tel 030 555 070


Bornitzstraße 83, 10365 Berlin

Any Questions: or


Thank YOU!

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